We can support any business, effectively. Are you running on Mac, Windows, or both? Let us unify your Voice and Data, provide a reliable Help Desk, and help you succeed.

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We have been proudly serving our clients, supporting our community, and providing honest and reliable customer service for over 15 years.

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What we do

We build and support unified computer networks. We have hand-picked and partnered with some of the leading technology vendors in the world to bring enterprise technology to small and medium business.


Let us tailor a security solution to your budget. Strategic partnerships allow us to match or beat suggested retail on everything we sell.


Are your network and computer systems optimized? Your computers and network devices all work together. Now, so do your phones.


Were there to be a catastrophe in your building would you still have access to your critical data? Onsite and offsite data backup is critical.


We can connect your business to the Internet, but we can also help you select the optimal service provider(s) for service and failover.


Who do you call when your system is down? We have a full-service repair bench to support what we sell. Mac, Windows, no problem.


Even the best systems can fail. We provide reliable hourly support as well as Service Level Agreements that help you budget and succeed.

Tech Statistics

EMR Adoption
By January 2015, about 8 out 10 office-based physicians had adopted an electronic health record (EHR)
Disaster Preparedness
55% of small businesses rated themselves as “fair” or “poor” regarding a documented disaster recovery plan, or do not have one at all
Encrypted Wi-Fi
Over 60% of small businesses do not protect their wireless networks with the simplest form of encryption

Repair Services

We provide upgrades and repairs for nearly all computers. Need a MacBook Pro screen replacement? Is your PC running a little slow? Need a Windows or MacOS upgrade? Data Recovery? We can help.

Virtual Machine

  1. Drop your computer off with us
    We will take great care of your baby. Although repairs and upgrades can be difficult to determine until we can visually inspect the computer, we can quote some things over the phone. It helps to have your serial number.
  2. We diagnose and repair, or report
    We know how it is. You drop your car off at the garage for break pads and you come back to new rotors. We don't want that for us, or for you. There are no hidden charges here and we always call with repair estimates.
  3. Pick it up, take it home, and love it
    We will call you to let you know your repair is complete. Every computer that we can login to receives the regular maintenance that usually goes undone. We will boot the computer with you and verify the repair.
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