IT Managed Services

Managed Services can be defined as the practice of outsourcing Information Technology management and support with the goals of improved operational efficiency and lower technology expenses. We understand that Managed Services for small business is more than that. Your business will benefit from outsourcing your Information Technology to a highly-skilled team far before the first sick day. We assure that no individual is a single point of failure for your success.

WinTech introduced the Managed Services concept to our market over ten years ago, making us the most experienced IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the region. Since that time, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT salaries, benefits, and the considerable expense of IT turn-over.

We can support your business network of 50-100 employees with a cross-trained team of Network Engineers and Technicians for less than your company can expect to hire a certified, full time Network Technician.

Our Managed Services Include:

  • • Discounted Hourly Rates
  • • Guaranteed Two-Hour, Four-Hour, or Next Business Day Service Levels
  • • Onsite and Offsite Data Vaulting Services
  • • Cloud Service and Cloud Solution Management
  • • Licensed Server Monitoring Agents
  • • Secure and Licensed Remote Control Software
  • • Real-time monitoring of licensed Bitdefender GravityZone clients
  • • Centralized Windows Update Services and Regular Check-Ups
  • • Periodic Updates to Driver Software, Firmware, and BIOS
  • • A la carte services, such as Onsite Staffing, Vulnerability and Penetration Testing, Encrypted E-Mail Services, and much more


Our Managed Services are not mandatory, and are never hard sold. We offer businesses engagement options ranging from per-incident support to quarterly support retainers. Do you need a discounted block of hours to complete a project, or just an occasional remote control to answer your questions? Your need is our priority.

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