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Phishing 101

Internet Crooks are Phishing for You!

Phishing (pronounced fish-ing) is a tactic used by faceless criminals to obtain your money or information. These Internet miscreants are "fishing" for your personal information with the hope of using it for their own gain. They can use your personal information to steal your identity, create credit cards in your...
The Yahoo! Hack and What To Do Now

Even if you are not one of the 1 Billion affected users, you have decisions to make

Yahoo announced - after the close of the U.S. stock markets - on December, 14th that the company "has identified data security issues concerning certain Yahoo user accounts. Yahoo has taken steps to secure user accounts and is working...
Thanksgiving Picture Find

Can you find the out of place technology items?

The holidays are here again! What can be better than home-cooked meals with family, over a long weekend...with discounted shopping? Maybe nothing, but here's a simple game to get you in the holiday technology spirit. You might even find a few gift ideas! All you have to do...