Cisco UC500 Consulting

You may have been just like us. At one time, it seemed like the Cisco UC500 was the answer to all of our Voice over IP (VoIP) prayers. It offered as much bang-for-the-buck as any product designed for small and medium business. It was a firewall, a switch, a VoIP system natively capable of SIP Trunking, internal voicemail, music on hold, etc. Perhaps it was too good to be true.

We were one of the first providers to partner with Cisco Small Business in support of the Unified Communications 500 platform in 2007. We designed, built, and installed dozens of systems including the UC520, UC540, and UC560. We also helped discovered some of the software coding issues that adversely affected the voicemail database in these systems. That work put us in direct contact with the then Cisco Vice President of North American Support and the UC500 developers in India. The UC500 development team then used our system as a test site for code validation.

As we now know, Cisco abandoned the UC500 platform, but there are many still in operation. Unfortunately, vendors that are not trained in the system - or very familiar with it - may do more damage than they are aware. Simply using the wrong management interface can make the system unsupportable by Cisco. Cisco has since obsoleted the BE6000 that was to be the UC500 replacement. It appears that

We are trained UC500 experts offering remote and regional onsite support, configuration, and administration of Cisco UC500 systems. We also inventory several units for hardware replacement.

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