IT Modernization for SMBs

What is IT Modernization? Change for the better.

Driven by our Federal Government, technology manufacturers, consultants, and the media, IT Modernization and Digital Transformation are the widespread update of business strategies, systems, and processes. The migration is to modern technology, automated systems, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and frankly every... conceivable... subscription service.

Leading from Washington, The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) - passed by Congress in December 2014 - is a historic law that represents the first major overhaul of Federal information Technology in almost 20 years. The bill is in some part justified by the fact, per Wikipedia, our federal government spends over $80 Billion a year on IT products and services. Almost half of which goes to maintaining old and out-of-date systems.

Although modernization is not contained within "the cloud", remote data storage is a major selling point. As technology vendor strategies unwind before us, one thing is clear, every vendor (Adobe, Amazon, Dell Technologies, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.) wants all of your data in their cloud. Unfortunately, much of the well-marketed enterprise offerings are completely out of reach of Small and Medium Business IT (SMBs). The truth behind the sporty, honeycomb server bezels is that a single component in an enterprise cloud strategy may be more than your annual IT budget as an SMB.

The better question may be: What is IT Modernization for SMBs?

It is also the update of business strategies, systems, and processes...while selecting vendors that meet your business needs and your equally important budget. In the end, you may choose less complex solutions that are available on multiple platforms and designed to scale for growth over highly complex systems that components of a single, branded ecosystem designed to keep you subscribed.

Small businesses will benefit the most by focusing on:

  • Lowering IT costs over time by outsourcing IT services to highly-skilled groups (like WinTech), rather than over-investing in IT by employing individuals


  • Upgrading computer and network hardware more frequently, putting greater performance in the hands of users, reducing delays, and lower repair costs


  • Automating services like Offsite Data Backup and Security Updates than may be overlooked over long periods when relying on human intervention


  • Migrating to technologies like Voice over IP that lower monthly costs, add flexibility, and extended your business phone system to any smartphone


  • Investing in current software and regular maintenance to avoid incompatibility failures that could have been avoided


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