Moving up to Mac OS El Capitan (10.11)

Make Sure You're Ready and Have a Backup

It used to be a no-brainer; a new Mac OS with the same leading digit was usually a good move. It's not quite that simple any more. While Mac OS continues to improve, some older computers and computers running older software may not always appreciate the procedure. You will want to consider your software. Is it compatible with Mac OS 10.11? Are there modifications you will have to make (Java downgrade anyone?) Does your computer meet the minimum specifications for The Captain? And finally, do you have a backup? If you want to make the move on your own, setup a Time Machine backup or your Mac first. If the upgrade goes well and your software is compatible you will have no worries. If not, you may have some worries! If you would like your computer expertly upgraded (and gently caressed), please consider bringing it to us. We would like to have your original discs, but we will take what you have.

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