Nonprofit Support

Nonprofits rely on their IT services working optimally and consistently. Many are working with outlets, such as TechSoup, to acquire discounted software. Still, many cannot budget to employ in-house staff to handle sophisticated levels of technology support and networking. Spending time away from your core mission may cost more than money. Simply "waiting until it breaks" lowers the performance and reliability of your technology investment. This, in turn, may reduce your organization's productivity and impact. We can help.

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In an effort to support the cause, we offer discounted rates to not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations. Our contribution does not end with a discounted rate structure, we are also able to offer non profits our unbeatable service levels and a la carte services. We have learned first hand that your non-profit will benefit from our expertise, responsiveness, and customer service. You are welcomed to ask for our nonprofit references.


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