Ransomware Wants Your Money

Once again, the bad guys seem to be a step ahead of the good guys. The focus is now on money, your money. Aptly named, ransomware is malicious software (malware) that is designed to hold your computer ransom. It does this by encrypting your files and denying you access to them until you pay the ransom. The catch is that since you are dealing with criminals, there is no guarantee that paying the fee will release your files. Security hardware and software is an absolute must, but your best defense against these rapidly emerging threats is policy and procedure. Ransomware - and all other malicious software - is generally introduced to your netork via a poisoned website of an e-mail attachment. You can't trust either. When in doubt, call the sender. Don't know the sender? Be extra cautious.

Think you're infected?

1. Turn the computer off
2. Call us at 540-722-2122

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