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As times and circumstances change, technology is helping us bridge the gap between the lives we lived prior to the pandemic and our current reality. As current and future restrictions may affect our collective ability to work in groups, cloud services, remote access, and alternate means of collaboration are becoming more important.

WinTech has been successfully providing Remote Access, Hybrid Cloud Configuration and Management, VoIP phone systems, and Network Security for nearly twenty years. Singular solutions, such as cloud-based productivity, handsets that can be moved from office to home, and accounting systems with cloud-integration can be employed individually, or as a combined solution to mitigate business interruption.

Here are a few Best Practices when working remotely:

  • • Verify your Wi-Fi connection is secure. While most Wi-Fi is correctly secured, some older installations might not be, which means people in the near vicinity can potentially snoop.
  • • Keep Business and Personal computers task-specialized when possible.
  • • Verify anti-virus is in place and fully updated.
  • • Check all security software is up to date: Privacy tools, add-ons for browsers and other patches need to be checked regularly.
  • • Have a back-up strategy and remember to do it: All important files should be backed up regularly.
  • • Lock your screen if you work in a shared space. You may consider avoiding co-working or shared spaces during the pandemic.
  • • Make sure you are using a secure connection to your work environment.
  • • Verify your need for - and status of - encryption tools.


We are here to help. WinTech has been the area's leading IT consulting firm since 2001. Contact us at your convenience to schedule a business consultation, Remote IT services, or a solution specific to your needs.

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