Honey, there’s a tech support scam on the phone for you!

Is Dell or Microsoft calling? No, they're not.

Have you received a call from someone claiming to be with Dell or Microsoft? Please be advised that these companies do not make proactive phone calls to alert customers about computer problems. Sadly, criminals do. What you have experienced is a Tech Support Scam. It is exactly what the name implies.

The caller can identify themselves as a representative of any company they choose. They may know your name, address, and other information that makes the call seem legitimate. It is not. The scammer (a.k.a. common criminal) may profess their good intentions to remove a virus, repair a non-existent problem, provide you a refund, or offer some other illegitimate service. Although you may be alarmed by what you are told, it is very important that you do not:

• Allow them to guide you to any website
• Allow them to take remote control of your computer
• Give them banking or credit card information, and
• If they send you an e-mail, you would be well-advised not to open it

So, what do you do? Just hang up...or give them some advice of your own and then hang up!

Want more info? Here is what the FTC advises.

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