Thanksgiving Picture Find

Can you find the out of place technology items?

The holidays are here again! What can be better than home-cooked meals with family, over a long weekend...with discounted shopping? Maybe nothing, but here's a simple game to get you in the holiday technology spirit. You might even find a few gift ideas!

All you have to do is find the tech items that do not belong in this classic image of "The First Thanksgiving" by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris. Hint: There are 11 "modern tech items", 10 of which are electronic. There are two bonus items that are not electronic. Want to keep score? Give yourself 25 points each for a perfect score of 300. The answer key is below, so don't scroll until you're ready! Good luck!


Some are smaller than others!


Hint: You can go to the View menu in your browser to enlarge (zoom) the image, or right-click the image and select Open Image in New Tab.


Don't give up!


Keep looking!


Have you done your best?


Have you challenged someone?


Wait for it!


Wait for it!


Here it is!



  1. 1. 3DR Drone
  2. 2. F-18 Fighter Jet
  3. 3. Galaxy Note 7 (on fire ; )
  4. 4. Head Lamp
  5. 5. Amazon Echo
  6. 6. Apple Watch
  7. 7. Yeah, another Apple Watch!
  8. 8. iPad Pro
  9. 9. Dell Latitude
  10. 10. GoPro with dog mount
  11. 11. Prosthetic Lower Leg
  12. 12. Bonus 1: The WinTech logo!
  13. 13. Bonus 1: A tribal tattoo!


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