Voice over IP - or VoIP - is a technology designed to transmit voice data over your high-speed Internet connection. VoIP is natively cost-cutting and offers services that traditional phone systems can't offer. There is also a hidden benefit; convergence. Convergence may be the most undervalued concept in small business technology. Simply stated, convergence is the integration of data networking and telephony. The data network your computer is connected to becomes the same network that supports your telephone. A singular network saves you money and simplifies support.


Converged (or unified) networks are easily adopted by new and existing businesses and offer distinct advantages; lower support costs, lower recurring telephone charges, unlimited concurrent calls, a single vendor for data and telephony, and a higher return on investment. Using this technology, in many cases, completely eliminates analog line charges. The more lines you have, the greater the savings potential. If you would like to see handset options or to discuss this technology please contact us.

We offer free onsite network evaluations to understand your technology goals. Depending on the level of detail in your current telephone billing statement we may also be able to make an accurate estimate of your expected savings.

How can we help you reach your IP telephony goals?