Wireless Networking

We have been installing secure and reliable single-building and campus wireless systems for over 17 years!

Our CWNP-Certified staff can design and build a wireless network to meet the needs of your business. If your needs are connecting your workforce to your backend systems, connecting your campus buildings with wireless bridges, integrated Public Announcement (PA), or even connecting to a wireless Internet Service Provider, we can help.

Our Wireless Networks are Installed in:

  • • Healthcare Practices
  • • Churches
  • • Hotels and Motels
  • • Non-Profit Organizations
  • • Manufacturing Facilities
  • • Real Estate and other professional service businesses
  • • Residences


We offer complete wired and wireless networks as well as Wireless Bridging between campus structures. We utilize multiple frequencies, devices types, mounting locations, MIMO technology, mesh networks, and can support any manufacturer. We can successfully accommodate the needs of small business to large commercial installations.

Our wireless networks can be built with various component options to meet your budget and management requirements. We offer a No-Cost engineering evaluation of your project.

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